Tips for setting up a dining room. Dining Room – Home Central Point

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This part of the apartment or home is gaining in importance: here you have not only eaten lunch, but also you serve a guests, colleagues, or just enjoying coffee. Naturally, the more time is spent in the dining room, the more important it is to install it beautifully and rationally. Here are some tips to help you create such a dining table as you dreamed about.

Dining Center - table and chairs

Depending on the modern and constantly hurrying person's day, he usually spends in the dining room only in the evening - breakfast and lunch are often eaten in the city. In such a situation, when the dining area is only visited on the second half of the day, it is advisable to choose darker colors that will create comfort and relax. When choosing a dark wood table and the same chairs, you will definitely not be distracted - these furniture will give the room a pleasant atmosphere. True, do not be afraid to use a candle, a carpet or a table lamp - the interior of the dining room is a very nice oasis.

On the other hand, if you spend more time at home, it is suggested to choose some of the more bright furniture - thus creating a bright environment that will not bother breakfast and lunch. Light furniture can become not only a table and chairs - when creating the interior, use bright lights, dishes and curtains. Of course, chairs can also serve as interior details - experiment on chairs with a variety of cushions that will not only make you comfortable, but also catch your eyes.

Details - like berries on a cake

Whatever looks, you will create a finished interior in the dining room, do not forget to include the details. Small, beautiful things create not only a sense of integrity but also enrich the dining space, combining all the big things in the room. Here's an authentic bowl, an unusual candle holder or a unique cup bought at the flea store, which will ensure a unique dining experience. Also, do not forget about tablecloths, flower pots and picture that will help keep the shades and moods in place.

Matching space and color tones is a must

It seems that small, box-like rooms are being abandoned in modern dwellings and almost all rooms are combined into a homogeneous space. Unfortunately, even in the absence of walls, the space still seems small visually. Fortunately, there are some tricks that you can use to increase the dining area. First of all, if your dining area is small, choose light, bright furniture as well as combine minimalist table tops with elegant candlestick. The smaller space will visually expand curtains with horizontal patterns. Otherwise, if the dining room is sufficiently spacious, do not be afraid to put a few heavier, darker furniture in it, which will give you coziness and grandeur, and curtains to be trimmed with upright patterns or lines.

Luminaires - with a touch

Whatever the way you would like to buy all the world's most beautiful luminaries and to decorate your dining room - do not do this: less is more. Especially if the dining area and the kitchen space are solid. Before setting up a dining room, you need to estimate how much and what type of lamps you need: plan your exact work area if you need to work in the dining room, think about which side of the dining room you want to light more and which less. Also, do not choose lamps that would interfere with free movement in the room or restrict movement of your or your guests. Remember, the lights are genuine interior decoration, but only if there are not too many of them.

Dining room is the second homeowner's face

Whatever you invest in other housing spaces such as a bathroom or bedroom, the dining room will still remain the place that reflects your worldview and style of feeling. The furniture, eye-catching, tiny details and elegance of the luminaire will ensure that your dining room's interior is original, cozy and finished.