LIVING ROOM Interior mistakes


Although the living room is generally perceived as a room for guests reception and leisure, it is also the most important house area. For living room, unlike other rooms, it is necessary to combine both aesthetics and comfort. However, it is natural that there are a lot of style mistakes when planning a room. In this article, these errors will be discussed.


From ancient times, the mass of large and massive furniture sets is known. Often, the newly designed room is intended to be furnished with heavy furniture, which should give a sense of grandeur and glamor. Unfortunately. The decision to buy such a type of furniture as one of the biggest mistake of the interior at the room to be avoided. besides, large furniture not only does not provide comfort, but also reduces the space of the living room, restricts the possibilities of free movement. This bulk of large furniture is proposed to be replaced by choosing smaller but equally functional furniture. The furniture of the right proportions will create a cozy atmosphere and will be functional and will be equal to the furniture that has been so loved as before. On the other hand, it is important to remember that every piece of furniture in the room should not be eye-catching: it is important to furnish the room in such a way as to have at least one or more central objects.


The illumination of installed room is overlooked - and the influence of past time is again felt. In the past, one large but luxurious luminaire was housed in the living room. It is with this kind of room lighting you want to "get away" today, but keep in mind that proper and rational lighting determines the comfort of the living room and ensures your emotional well-being. It is advisable to correct the "One Luminaire" mistake by using slightly smaller lamps mounted on different walls, which will spread somewhat cool, cozy light. The room area is often used as a work place, so in this case the necessary lighting will be provided by a charming torch. When planning a room's lighting, it is important to understand the function of the room: since if you only spending time for the evening, the lighting may be not so bright, candles offered.


Even though the ideas of a minimal living room interior are becoming increasingly popular, there are still styles mistakes with details. Nobody would dare to object - small details are one of the most comfortable interior decorations: they are suitable for use when you want to create an appropriate interior colorit, and when you need to fill in empty spaces. However, this boundary between the tastes of the details and the unpredictable overloading of the room is really narrow. Too many small items and ornaments are one of the most serious mistakes made by the room interior design. It is advisable to avoid the use of photographic shelves, dust collectors like souveniers or large dishes sets. Also, it is suggested to refuse artificial flowers - these details will not create the desired coziness and a pleasant atmosphere.


Proper furniture and smart lighting are not everything. An ideal and eye-catching interior design of the room is an important colorful gamma and correct furniture layout. A common visualization mistakes is the extremely bright and abundance of colors. In order to create a cozy interior of the room, it is suggested to choose pastel, soft colors that would calm down. If you choose to praint a living room in several colors, it is absolutely essential to match them very carefully. No less important is the location of the furniture in the room: these are just borderless furniture will create uncomfortable tension, and the gathered guests will not feel pleasantly - because the distance between the furniture will be too high. On the other hand, it's important not to put the furniture in one place: you should not install a fireplace or aquarium after the TV, because in this case, no furniture will completely perform its function on the room.