Dream Bedroom ABC

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The bedroom is an important house area

In each apartment or house, there is inevitably a bedroom area - a space in which it is sleeping and relaxing. Although this room called the oasis of the rest , often it is forgotten about its interior and style - more attention is paid to the kitchen or the place where guests are welcomed and served food. Unfortunately, the correct foundation of a bedroom is very important - the quality of your sleep and rest, your mood and your daily work will depend on the interior of this room. Here are some tips to help you plan and set up your dream bedroom.

Space and window planning

Spacious and large bedroom - the dream of every owner. It has long been known that the spacious and wider the room is, the better the person feels in it, its movements and thoughts are not constrained. When planning the size of a sleeping room, it is recommended to allocate about 20 sq. M. - it is believed that this area is the most comfortable and convenient. However, the question arises - and what should you do if there is no way to plan a spacious bedroom? This is a very common issue these days, when the dwellings are optimal, but not large spaces. Do not get upset - this situation has a rational solution. You can use the large windows to help you create a more spacious bedroom, as well as provide light to the room. True, it is suggested to install the windows on the eastern side of the room - since the sun's rays of the morning will make you start the day brilliantly and joyfully.

Provance interior

Although the minimalist and cold interior boom is becoming increasingly popular in the recent time, he does not really eligible for everyone - most wants to have the warm colors and small statuary in their bedroom. The Provance interior has grown in popularity, gives you comfort, calming and delight. In this style, the room should use warm, fading colors: milk, olives or pink. Fabrics are also very important - enter the undeniable spring mood in the bedroom interior if you use linen, cotton or silk fabrics. True, the Provance style is best reflected by flowering fabrics. The French-style room should be at least somewhat old-fashioned, so it is advisable to choose an option for an aged floor. Decorative décor items, small statues, flowers and torches are components that enrich in your French bedroom.

The central object is the bed

The interior designers of the bedroom offer the optimal option - leave a space of at least 60 cm around the bed for free walking or carpeting. But again, the question arises - what should you do if the size of the bedroom is much smaller? Whatever the size of your bedroom, no matter if your bedroom is small, do not be afraid to choose a big bed - the quality of sleep is by far the most valuable. In this case, the empty space around the bed may not be left ,the bed can be pushed to the wall, thus saving space in the room. Also, having chosen a large bed, you can turn it into the main part of the interior of the room - bright bedspreads, colored cushions or magnificent bedside wall will create the look you want. True, it is recommended to have a rug on the bed in order to be comfortable and warm in the morning to get out of bed.


Do not forget the lights in the dream bedroom. The basic rule that should guide the design of the bedroom interior is the importance of the central luminaire. Forget ancient, rather clumsy lamps - choose modern, minimal Scandinavian lamps that are not only comfortable to use but also very delightfully enrich the bedroom. However, the central luminaire alone is not enough - the lamps in the headboard are needed for the intimate sleeping area. This type of light will not only create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, but will be comfortable when reading or browsing. Also, do not forget the pillowcase on the bedside tables - this is a great interior detail.