2019 trends in interior design

Every spring, in February, the International Household Fair AMBIENTE takes place in Germany, where you can get acquainted with the trends of the year and get inspired.


One of the easiest ways to keep up with the latest trends is to integrate the color of the year into the interior of your home. The favorite for the interior in 2019 is coral and its shades. It conveys optimism, warmth and gives the interior a playful elegance.

Due to the intense digital technology and social media obsolescence in our lives, there is a lack of communication, stronger social connections to create a sense of togetherness and closeness. Therefore, the choice of warm coral color is the answer to these expectations. In addition, it can help us meet the inner need for positive emotions such as playfulness, activity, carelessness and optimism. Furthermore ,  coral color is also linked to today's environmental issues - as a result of climate change, coral reefs are disappearing and fading, which is another way to address this problem and help preserve this ecosystem.

Koralinės spalvos virtuvė