Homes are a sacred place. Tranquility, rest,  refuge are just a few of the terms associated with the concept of "home." According to Feng Sui art, it is important that every item in the home has its place, and even a certain layout can lead to a better, healthier and happier life. The interior has a great impact on our quality of life. And this is obvious - houses that are cozy and pleasant - always give positive energy and you want to return to them. And creating such an environment could be called the truest art - creating a space that is stylish, distinctive and relaxing, maybe - challenging yet possible. The concept of beauty in this context is the main criterion which, according to the subjectivity of the creator, enables miracles to be created. But what makes a home feel warm, homely and exclusive? What is simple but special and charming and gives positive associations?


The interface between nature and man is very important. Nature heals, nurtures and protects us.  Research proves that the details of nature increase productivity, efficiency, improve mood, and helps people heal faster after illness. So why not include natural details in interior design? Natural paintings, green moss and / or forest plant wall coverings will not only give a distinctive interior accent, but will also give a view that is unique. A simpler alternative is to increase the amount of plants. However, it is important to remember that it is not quantity but quality that matters. Overloading the home environment with flowers and plants is not worth it.


Eco design furniture

What is better than nurturing nature and contributing to its preservation? Not only does Eco-friendly furniture look stylish, but unique shapes give a home a touch of life. Bamboo or cork oak furniture is made of recycled wood, so it is perfect for stylish care of the interior. Clay, glass, stone components are currently very popular in furniture production, and at the same time the emphasis is on exclusivity.




A rather overlooked emphasis on environmental interior design, right? Candles of various shapes and scents will not only brighten up the existing interior, bring new sensations, but at the same time provide comfort and tranquility, while the aroma of the candle will soothe the soul. So the perfect solution for buying a yellow toned candle  will be that it is like a ray of light on a gloomy or tired day, especially on dark evenings.

woodwick zvakes


Hard floor surfaces have been reigning in interior design for years. But it gives the impression of rigor. To give the environment a little softness, a rug would be the perfect solution. Rugs of different colors (the brighter the more inviting it is) and shapes and materials always give you coziness, liveliness and warmth. It is advisable to use different sized rugs to give the environment some variety.


The 2019 interior trends dictate that green and coral are the colors of the year. These amazing color accents are in vogue. However, you cannot rely on the latest trends simply because fashion dictates it. It is important to take your existing interior into account in order to refresh the environment and give it a homely feel, and you only need to adjust some of the accents to get the best solution for your living environment. Dark green, rich color accents will add elegance and refresh to the environment. Perfect if the walls are white. When choosing accent detail update colors, it is important to keep in mind the contrast between the matching colors. Matching colors should not be mutually exclusive to avoid stylistic errors. Pastel colors, which give the impression of warmth, are also great for giving the environment you want coziness and exclusivity. When it comes to walls, photo wallpapers are very popular.


White walls, or if they are plain, seems blank without any pictures, the rigidity of the walls permeates the room. Paintings not only  give the environment uniqueness, they provide the space with a special feel, spirit and peace. Light, pastel colored, nature-themed paintings will fit perfectly, as the energy of the painting will be calmer. When choosing painting, it is important to feel that the painting will bring happiness and joy  to the owner. In this case, the opinion of friends or others should not be a priority, as taste is an individuals prerogative . Thus, if the picture is chosen while listening to the voice of the heart,it will enhance the overall feel and energy of the room. The important thing to remember is that vertical paintings enhance space while horizontal paintings expand.




Lighting is one of the highlights of any interior, so it is important to enhance the lighting to the style of the existing environment. It is important that the light produced is not too bright or too dim to all  the environment to feel ambient.  In order to create this it is important that the light does not fall directly into the eye or is too bright.  Decorative lighting will be perfect for creating a unique and distinctive atmosphere -  chandeliers, unique and unusual candles, individualized lighting will certainly attract attention. Lighting is  intended to highlight certain objects - plants, arts, and objects - will also give exclusivity.



Accent for windows

The influence of windows is often overlooked. They provide natural lighting for the environment. The more lighting, the more pleasant the environment. Curtains provide warmth and privacy. Tailored  curtains will perfectly complement and complete an ambient interior. Appropriate  day and night curtains add beauty, exclusivity and detail to a room. Curtains of similar shades and colors should also be selected depending on the interior. Cold tones match well with cold, warm tones with warm ones. Curtain accessories will also fit on the curtains.

Textile replacement

Tablecloths should not be added, as this only reduces the visual space and is not even needed to create the impression of a larger area. A great additionality to the space would be help of the mirror. Within small environments,  a large mirror will help to make the room look larger. Use a focal point and angle your mirrors toward it to give the illusion of depth. Mirrors also reflect both natural and artificial light to make a  room brighter during the day and night. They bounce light deep into the room, making it appear larger.